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All of the original videos are included and Jim will begin creating new videos addressing new and trending topics such as NFTs.

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From The Author Of The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start

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Topics Specifically For Christians:

  • Could A Digital Currency Be A Precursor To The Mark Of The Beast?
  •  Should A Christian Own Bitcoin Or Any Other Digital Currency When It Is Used On The Dark Web For Illegal Activities?
  • Could Digital Currency Be An ‘End Times’ Financial Windfall Used For Evangelism?
  • Can Digital Currency Represent A ‘Safe-Haven’ Alternative To Gold To Prepare For An Economic Downturn?
  • How Can You Share This Information In Your Church Or Small Group?

Other Topics To Be Covered:

  • The History Of Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency ‘Internet Money’
  • Understanding Bitcoin Cash And Bitcoin 2X And How They Are Different From Bitcoin
  • Why This Is Still A Ground Floor Opportunity
  • Why So Many People Still Can Not Embrace Cryptocurrency And Will Miss The Boat
  • How To Get Started With Less Than $50
  • The Simple Strategy Of Earning Free Bitcoin Through Referrals
  • The History Of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, And So Called ‘Alt Coins’ And What Upcoming Events Are Expected To Create Quantum Leaps In Value
  • How To Make Your First Purchase Of Cryptocurrency
  • The Basics Of Wallets And Account Security
  • Why You Don’t Necessarily Have To Understand The Technology To Own Cryptocurrency
  • The Best Online Resources And Websites To Learn More And Track News
  • Why Many People Compare Bitcoin To Having An Offshore Bank Account
  • Bitcoin ATM Growth Worldwide - Can You Retire On Digital Money?
  • The Need Met By Cryptocurrency And Why It Is Here To Stay
  • Reducing Risk By Understanding Its Speculative Nature And Inherent Volatility
  • The Best Sites For Tracking And Discovering New Currencies
  • Buying Bitcoin Inside Your IRA Account
  • Understanding Bitcoin Mining And Whether It Makes Financial Sense
  • How To Use Bitcoin As A Currency And Get Huge Discounts Online
  • The Up And Coming Currency That Many People Are Calling Bitcoin 2.0
  • Lower Tier Names Such As Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple XRP, DASH, Monero, And Others Will Be Discussed
  • Does Bitcoin Day Trading Make Sense And Can You Make Money Doing It?
  • Understanding Technical And Trend Analysis And Making Informed Decisions When Investing
  • The Basics Of Evaluating A Cryptocurrency - Making Sense Of The Endless Flow Of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
  • How To Get Free Currency Through Hard Forks/Splits - Taxation Of Cryptocurrency
  • How People Are Using Bitcoin Faucets To Drive Traffic To Their Website
  • How To Avoid The Never Ending Cryptocurrency Scams
  • How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Through Referral Programs
  • Understanding The Risks And Opportunities In So Called ‘Penny Cryptocurrency’
  • The Perfect Time To Get Involved With A New Coin

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