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Think You Can Never Retire?                    

Are you among the millions of Americans that believe you will never be able to retire? My retirement plans blew up when my own brother embezzled nearly $2 million dollars from me. After the most recent financial crash, more and more Americans are concluding that they will work until the day they die.

I Found Another Way... 

Most people reach retirement or financial freedom (whatever you want to call it) by saving up enough to be able to invest and live off the interest. In today's world, that would require a seven figure sum. The reality is that most Americans will never be able to accumulate this amount of savings.  There is a little known method of retiring without a large investment portfolio. A solution that I have proven to work in my own life and I can teach it to you as well. Rather than buying income producing assets, you create them! This is exactly what I have done myself for nearly 20 years.  I call these Virtual Assets. I personally have more than a dozen recurring residual payments from hundreds of virtual assets I have created. This includes self published print books, Kindle books, audiobooks, websites, blogs, affiliate marketing arrangements, online videos, podcasting, and Internet broadcasting. 

The Wealthy Have Known This Method For Decades, But Have Largely Kept It A Secret From The Working Class. 

The richest people in the world know the wealth building power of virtual assets. In some circles it is called Intellectual Property. There are so many examples I could share with you, but perhaps my favorite is Paul McCartney. He owns the rights to the music of the Beatles. This generates an annual return of more than $71 million dollars. The catalog of music is valued at more than $1 billion dollars today! Music rights are a virtual asset just like a book, photograph, video, software program, app, audiobook, podcast, website, blog, or countless other examples. 

Two things you will find very different about my training program: 

1. I will not teach theory - I will show you exactly what I am doing.

2. This training will be conducted by me personally. I will be teaching most of the classes myself, and I will answer every question you have. I will not be launching a course using my name and following and then delegate the bulk of the teaching to others. I may bring in an expert or two that has some specialized knowledge to share, but you can be assured that you will be working primarily with me directly on your journey.

There are so many other financial benefits of creating virtual assets. The ability to make your own hours, live anywhere that has an Internet connection, and determine your level of success, are just a few. 

I hope you will prayerfully consider joining me! 

VARS Update

Update From Jim Paris 

Dear friend of ChristianMoney.com,

A few months ago I restarted my popular course on how to make money online. Many of you remember that for about eight years I taught thousands of students from all over the world my personal strategies I use to earn my full time income online. After a five year break I started a whole new training program called VARS (Virtual Asset Retirement System). It has been about six months now, and I am excited to update everyone and let you know that the course has 34 video lessons (all available for replay on demand) covering every aspect of earning money online. Each week I also add a new lesson and students have unlimited access to me through our discussion areas. 

If you are interested in jumping in with us, now would be a great time. Most people get all fired up in January with new resolutions for health and finances. This is great time to plug into my course and get started. Now that there are 34 classes available on demand, you can pick and choose what you want to learn and go as fast as you want. I assure you that you won't find any training like this anywhere. I also want to be clear that I am not teaching THEORY but showing you what I am actually doing to make my full time living online. This is information you can use right away to begin earning money working from home. 

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Hey, we know that $297 is a big financial decision these days. So, for just $17 get Jim's workshop on how to start making money online quickly. This way you can see if this course is for you or not. If you like this class we hope you will consider becoming a full VARS member and accessing the entire program and discussion forum. Once you place your order you will be taken to an immediate digital download.